About Me

by leeshakumar

I often wonder what defines who we are. What is my identity? What is yours?

I was born into a family of doctors and the influence was so strong that my own love for medicine began at a very young age. I completed my M.D in Pathology and found my passion in Hematology, which I am actively practising to date.

While discipline, commitment and empathy were rooted in my upbringing, it was my curious nature that made me break away from the routine every now and again. I sought knowledge in other dimensions of life; I made a promise to myself to learn a new skill every year which initiated my journey of self-growth.
Over the years I learnt different languages, travelled to exotic places, lived as an ex-pat in South Africa, mentored a self-help youth organisation in India and made friends for life.

More importantly, my journey made me gravitate and fall in love with the simplicities of life – simple thinking, simple solutions.

I learnt that suffering is karmic and healing happens more through the positivity of thoughts and words than medicines. I learnt that words are powerful and the right words strung together can be the most impactful way of reaching out to people; of making a difference. This blog and some of my poetry included in the section below was an outcome of this process.

Ultimately, I learnt that the choices I made defined me, just as the choices you make today will define you tomorrow.

The Biologue is a perspective about life situations and choices be it in health, parenting, lifestyle or travel. It is also a quest to find what sets you free and just be “yourself”. I would love to hear your thoughts.